Guess I’ve Been Negligent!

I see that I’ve been a bad lad and haven’t been keeping this blog updated for some time!

Sorry about that, regular readers.

Ever since that Clem Lemons fiasco settled down, there hasn’t been much news worthy.

But as I’m sure most of you are aware, it didn’t take Justin “Broker” Jones long to pick up the slack over on This link to the “Don’t ignore the power of Google when building your business” thread is where it starts to get good!

Jones states:

As far as you cautioning people what they post on the internet?

You should tell that to your gang at

My wife and daughters (ages 6 and 2) have received threats of RAPE….Death……and other sadistic crap. I have received emails from people with IP addresses that match up with some of the posters at saying things like “we can’t wait until you’re in jail Broker so we can go take care of your wife and daughters and send pictures to you.”

If you think I’m bluffing?

Re-read that above statement.

I’m one pissed off father and husband….in addition to an angered (likely multi millionaire) business man.

I will own that forum when I’m done.

Some obvious questions come to mind regarding Jone’s little tirade.

He says his wife and daughters have received threats of RAPE….Death……and other sadistic crap. Assuming that’s true, what kind of parent let’s their 2 and 6 yr. old kids have unsupervised access to the internet?

What 2 and 6 yr. old kids have their own e-mail accounts? Sounds like bad parenting to me.

But the question I ask “Don’t call me Jones” Jones is why do you think people are sending those threats anyhow – if indeed they are and your imagination isn’t working overtime?

Karma, my friend, karma. What goes around comes around.

You lie to people, cheat them, steal their money, then guess what? Eventually you’re going to piss off some nut case.

I certainly don’t condone people sending threatening e-mails – especially to your family. But if you are receiving them, guess why?

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Doesn’t Clem Get It?

Seems like the drama on is winding down. Any reader following along knows the owner of the site had had enough of the turmoil Clements created and was glad to get rid of him. George lamented about his problems in a post on July 1st:

I can’t handle the endless phone calls and drama and complaints. The people have spoken, I listened.. Do any of you realize the amount of death threats I GET?! Please respect my name.

Not sure if the death threats were related to Lenny or not, but George went on about the situation in another post the same day:

He seemed like a nice guy on the phone, he did a lot of work. I didn’t realize the drama he carried with him. I personally have nothing against him. At the time we were getting THOUSANDS of auto spam bots posting each day and I was close to shutting down the site from all the porn and pill links. He stepped up and helped out a lot. I didn’t closely monitor his actions. I will take the blame for that.

So it would be apparent from the above that the owner of the site is the one with the power to ban an Administrator. At least to any rational reader.

But apparently not with Lenny. Seems he thinks it’s all Lady Mod’s fault that he got banned and lost his status as an Administrator. She revealed some of the comments he made in an e-mail that he sent to her:

I don’t think he’s dead yet. Though I did get an email from him today and he told me he had a knife in the middle of his back that belonged to me.

It appears that no matter what happens around here, I’m gonna get blamed for it sooner or later. Geez!

He says the war is not over yet. I wonder if I need to move out of the country?

Lady Mod

Seriously! Doesn’t this guy understand he’s the cause of all his misfortunes?

If past history is any indication, one can only wonder what Lenny is planning next. One thing is certain, he’s not likely to take this embarrassment quietly.

As he said, the war is not over yet.

So what is he planning?

One option would be to start a forum of his own. That would be a hoot! I’m willing to bet that if he did so, he would probably create another first on the Internet – ban himself from his own forum for not following his rules!

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Interesting July 1st To Say the Least!

Yesterday, July 1st, was a national holiday in Canada.  Plenty of celebrating, parades, demonstrations, fireworks and what not. Seems that wasn’t the only place where fireworks were going off yesterday. had their share also.

I’m sure everyone must be aware by now, but Lenny Clements managed to get himself kicked off of the site as an Administrator.  By doing so, he has the distinction of pulling off the first triple play in the history of

If I’m not mistaken, he’s managed to get himself banned as a member, a Moderator, and as an Administrator.

Heck, that’s probably a first for the entire Internet on any forum!

But not only did he piss off George, the owner, enough to get banned, he also managed to get his name put on the naughty word list.  Type in his last name and all you get are a bunch of blanked out letters – ******** .

You can still use naughty four letter words in your posts, but you can’t use Lenny’s last name. That must be a first also!

In closing, let me be among the first to congratulate you, Lenny, on a job well done!

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re: Sale of III

Actually, George had a real simple reason for faking the sale of

He hated having to deal with the day to day issues of running a successful forum. It was a much more productive use of one’s time sitting at home watching skin flicks and spanking the monkey rather than having to deal with frivolous SLAPP suits.

If he could get those pissed off people being exposed on the forum off his back, then he’d have more time to run his porn business. As for Lady Mod, she went along with his ruse because that meant she’d have less issues to deal with also.

What better way to put people off the track than have everyone believe the site was sold to some guy living in Portugal named Zachary? Of course, it wouldn’t take any real lawyer that wanted to file a real lawsuit too long to find out who the real owner of the site was and where he lived. But for the nuisance stuff, the ploy was perfect.

Which led to some hilarious exchanges on the forum.

Like this thread for instance by Gazza:

Happy Birthday, George! YOU OLD BASTARD!

Some of us are still paying attention!

How soon they forget!

Many happy returns.

Which led to this reply by Lady Mod:

LOL, some of us remember that he’s not the owner anymore and is seldom on the forums. 🙂

But you are very sweet to remember him, if he doesn’t see it before I speak with him, I’ll let him know at least ONE person on the forum remembered him.


Lady Mod

Just one example of many where Lady Mod tries to keep the deception going!

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re: Sale of II

Yesterday we learned that George Dranichak bought from Daedalus Howell back in November 2002.

Once the forum became legitimate, George posted for awhile under the curious spelling of his name geo®ge.

The next “sale” occurred in 2005. At least if you look at Zachary’s profile, it says he joined Nov 2005. George said farewell Dec 05 2005.

Around this time Lady Mod started a thread entitled: being sold


I am sure going to miss you. It’s been fun, gratifying and humbling to be part of a service that helps people who might otherwise be ripped off. To that end, if the new owners are willing, I’ll be happy to stay and continue helping out.

I do hope the new owners won’t change things too much. 🙂


Lady Mod

A couple of years later in 2007, a member was inquiring about George. Lady Mod filled him in on George’s whereabouts.

good forum, george!!

George no longer owns the forum. He sold it almost a year ago to a couple of guys who live in South America. Zachary is one of those owners and webmaster.

I know why the board was started but it would be a little tough to explain, so I won’t even try.

George is still a good friend of mine and is doing well in Canada.

Lady Mod

First, somebody should point out to Lady Mod that Portugal is located in Europe, not South America.

Anyways, “George no longer owns the forum. He sold it almost a year ago…”.


Just the other day Lenny said:

Only a little over 100 viewing this forum?

I’ve already asked George (no response yet), and there is NOT a function to resolve this via the admin panel. Only George has access to this function.


So George is still in charge?

Sounds like somebody is telling an untruth here!

What could possibly be going on?

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re: Sale of

As noted yesterday, “Zachary” claims the domain has been sold “many times”.

Zachary  Join Date: Nov 2005 Location: Lisbao, Portugal

Re: I quit this website ….. 06-11-2010

“I don’t understand why everyone thinks I am the scammer here. I am not George either. The site’s been sold many times.

Not according to Domain Tools it hasn’t.

There have only been 2 registrars since the site was first registered in 1994.

The original owner, Daedalus Howell, posted a notice on the site back in November 2002 that the site was being sold to the present owner:

Attention E-mail Users: is now under new ownership. All current e-mail accounts will be terminated on November 30, 2002. The new proprietors have agreed to give current e-mail users 30 days to find another e-mail provider, thereafter, all user information, data and e-mail privileges will be terminated. You are strongly urged to make new e-mail arrangements as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patronage.

Daedalus Howell

Then, from the time of the sale up until about April 2004, the current owner used the site as a porno gateway as noted in an earlier blog.

The April 19 2004 page of the site saved by the waybackmachine shows: Threads: 1, Posts: 1, Members: 15, so that was about the time became “legitimate”.

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Can You Please Get Your Stories Straight?

Don’t you just love it when two people in charge contradict each other on a forum!

On 06-11-2010, Zachary (George), commenting on the exodus of former members since Lenny took over as administrator:

I quit this website …..

I hate to see people leave. I don’t understand why everyone thinks I am the scammer here. I am not George either. The site’s been sold many times.

I wish you guys could see the letters from lawyers that fill my mailbox and how just keeping the site from getting hacked and live is a lot of work.

You will note “Zachary” must be the owner – he has a mailbox “full of letters from lawyers.”

Now note Lenny on 06-21-2010 talking about certain words being censored on the site:

Only a little over 100 viewing this forum?

I’ve already asked George (no response yet), and there is NOT a function to resolve this via the admin panel. Only George has access to this function.


Only George has access to the settings on the admin panel?

So it’s pretty obvious then, as everyone knows by now, that George and Zachary are one and the same. But George still thinks people are dumb. If it hadn’t been for the efforts of Lenny, every body would still be in the dark about who the owner of the site really was!

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