re: Sale of II

Yesterday we learned that George Dranichak bought from Daedalus Howell back in November 2002.

Once the forum became legitimate, George posted for awhile under the curious spelling of his name geo®ge.

The next “sale” occurred in 2005. At least if you look at Zachary’s profile, it says he joined Nov 2005. George said farewell Dec 05 2005.

Around this time Lady Mod started a thread entitled: being sold


I am sure going to miss you. It’s been fun, gratifying and humbling to be part of a service that helps people who might otherwise be ripped off. To that end, if the new owners are willing, I’ll be happy to stay and continue helping out.

I do hope the new owners won’t change things too much. 🙂


Lady Mod

A couple of years later in 2007, a member was inquiring about George. Lady Mod filled him in on George’s whereabouts.

good forum, george!!

George no longer owns the forum. He sold it almost a year ago to a couple of guys who live in South America. Zachary is one of those owners and webmaster.

I know why the board was started but it would be a little tough to explain, so I won’t even try.

George is still a good friend of mine and is doing well in Canada.

Lady Mod

First, somebody should point out to Lady Mod that Portugal is located in Europe, not South America.

Anyways, “George no longer owns the forum. He sold it almost a year ago…”.


Just the other day Lenny said:

Only a little over 100 viewing this forum?

I’ve already asked George (no response yet), and there is NOT a function to resolve this via the admin panel. Only George has access to this function.


So George is still in charge?

Sounds like somebody is telling an untruth here!

What could possibly be going on?

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2 Responses to re: Sale of II

  1. Dog Nose says:

    Those issues will be addressed very shortly on I just have to start the thread when I have time and get my stuff together.

  2. Lisa says:

    As far as I know George isn’t even trying to hide that he owns the forum anymore. He continues to post under the name “Zachary” but he’s allowed the posts that expose him as George in the “I quit this site” thread to remain. From what LM has told me, he just isn’t sure how to handle the situation. But as far as I can see he’s no longer trying to deny that he’s George.

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