Guess I’ve Been Negligent!

I see that I’ve been a bad lad and haven’t been keeping this blog updated for some time!

Sorry about that, regular readers.

Ever since that Clem Lemons fiasco settled down, there hasn’t been much news worthy.

But as I’m sure most of you are aware, it didn’t take Justin “Broker” Jones long to pick up the slack over on This link to the “Don’t ignore the power of Google when building your business” thread is where it starts to get good!

Jones states:

As far as you cautioning people what they post on the internet?

You should tell that to your gang at

My wife and daughters (ages 6 and 2) have received threats of RAPE….Death……and other sadistic crap. I have received emails from people with IP addresses that match up with some of the posters at saying things like “we can’t wait until you’re in jail Broker so we can go take care of your wife and daughters and send pictures to you.”

If you think I’m bluffing?

Re-read that above statement.

I’m one pissed off father and husband….in addition to an angered (likely multi millionaire) business man.

I will own that forum when I’m done.

Some obvious questions come to mind regarding Jone’s little tirade.

He says his wife and daughters have received threats of RAPE….Death……and other sadistic crap. Assuming that’s true, what kind of parent let’s their 2 and 6 yr. old kids have unsupervised access to the internet?

What 2 and 6 yr. old kids have their own e-mail accounts? Sounds like bad parenting to me.

But the question I ask “Don’t call me Jones” Jones is why do you think people are sending those threats anyhow – if indeed they are and your imagination isn’t working overtime?

Karma, my friend, karma. What goes around comes around.

You lie to people, cheat them, steal their money, then guess what? Eventually you’re going to piss off some nut case.

I certainly don’t condone people sending threatening e-mails – especially to your family. But if you are receiving them, guess why?

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