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Guess I’ve Been Negligent!

I see that I’ve been a bad lad and haven’t been keeping this blog updated for some time! Sorry about that, regular readers. Ever since that Clem Lemons fiasco settled down, there hasn’t been much news worthy. But as I’m … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Clem Get It?

Seems like the drama on is winding down. Any reader following along knows the owner of the site had had enough of the turmoil Clements created and was glad to get rid of him. George lamented about his problems … Continue reading

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Interesting July 1st To Say the Least!

Yesterday, July 1st, was a national holiday in Canada.  Plenty of celebrating, parades, demonstrations, fireworks and what not. Seems that wasn’t the only place where fireworks were going off yesterday. had their share also. I’m sure everyone must be … Continue reading

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