re: Sale of III

Actually, George had a real simple reason for faking the sale of

He hated having to deal with the day to day issues of running a successful forum. It was a much more productive use of one’s time sitting at home watching skin flicks and spanking the monkey rather than having to deal with frivolous SLAPP suits.

If he could get those pissed off people being exposed on the forum off his back, then he’d have more time to run his porn business. As for Lady Mod, she went along with his ruse because that meant she’d have less issues to deal with also.

What better way to put people off the track than have everyone believe the site was sold to some guy living in Portugal named Zachary? Of course, it wouldn’t take any real lawyer that wanted to file a real lawsuit too long to find out who the real owner of the site was and where he lived. But for the nuisance stuff, the ploy was perfect.

Which led to some hilarious exchanges on the forum.

Like this thread for instance by Gazza:

Happy Birthday, George! YOU OLD BASTARD!

Some of us are still paying attention!

How soon they forget!

Many happy returns.

Which led to this reply by Lady Mod:

LOL, some of us remember that he’s not the owner anymore and is seldom on the forums. 🙂

But you are very sweet to remember him, if he doesn’t see it before I speak with him, I’ll let him know at least ONE person on the forum remembered him.


Lady Mod

Just one example of many where Lady Mod tries to keep the deception going!

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