Doesn’t Clem Get It?

Seems like the drama on is winding down. Any reader following along knows the owner of the site had had enough of the turmoil Clements created and was glad to get rid of him. George lamented about his problems in a post on July 1st:

I can’t handle the endless phone calls and drama and complaints. The people have spoken, I listened.. Do any of you realize the amount of death threats I GET?! Please respect my name.

Not sure if the death threats were related to Lenny or not, but George went on about the situation in another post the same day:

He seemed like a nice guy on the phone, he did a lot of work. I didn’t realize the drama he carried with him. I personally have nothing against him. At the time we were getting THOUSANDS of auto spam bots posting each day and I was close to shutting down the site from all the porn and pill links. He stepped up and helped out a lot. I didn’t closely monitor his actions. I will take the blame for that.

So it would be apparent from the above that the owner of the site is the one with the power to ban an Administrator. At least to any rational reader.

But apparently not with Lenny. Seems he thinks it’s all Lady Mod’s fault that he got banned and lost his status as an Administrator. She revealed some of the comments he made in an e-mail that he sent to her:

I don’t think he’s dead yet. Though I did get an email from him today and he told me he had a knife in the middle of his back that belonged to me.

It appears that no matter what happens around here, I’m gonna get blamed for it sooner or later. Geez!

He says the war is not over yet. I wonder if I need to move out of the country?

Lady Mod

Seriously! Doesn’t this guy understand he’s the cause of all his misfortunes?

If past history is any indication, one can only wonder what Lenny is planning next. One thing is certain, he’s not likely to take this embarrassment quietly.

As he said, the war is not over yet.

So what is he planning?

One option would be to start a forum of his own. That would be a hoot! I’m willing to bet that if he did so, he would probably create another first on the Internet – ban himself from his own forum for not following his rules!

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3 Responses to Doesn’t Clem Get It?

  1. Dog Nose says:

    “Zachary” said….”Please respect my name.”

    Which name would that be? Is it the phony “Zachary” or the real one, George Dranichak, Porn Mogul and Spammer? That’s pretty funny coming from a sleazeball that is a proven liar. Now he’s pimping out his garbage on with another one of his porn sites, casualblackbook. Well that’s just swell. I assume everyone that accesses the site will now be able to “Get Laid Tonight” in a city near you. George Dranichak is a douchebag.

  2. Lyric Soprano says:

    I think the fat Lady (Mod) has indeed sung. She is back in charge. Lenny Clements seems to stunned to even post anywhere. Where, oh where is Lenny boy? He said only a few folks wanted him gone at, but where is that save Lenny, the saviour of the MLM industry itself, movement in his moment of dire need? I guess the other two musketeers will not be swooping in to save the day, even though they still post at that cesspool Scam where Lenny was going to lead the charge to save the entire industry with his own mighty keyboard. Hilarious!

  3. Nancy Collins says:

    This crazy information was forwarded to me. I was shocked but thought you might find it interesting.

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