Interesting July 1st To Say the Least!

Yesterday, July 1st, was a national holiday in Canada.  Plenty of celebrating, parades, demonstrations, fireworks and what not. Seems that wasn’t the only place where fireworks were going off yesterday. had their share also.

I’m sure everyone must be aware by now, but Lenny Clements managed to get himself kicked off of the site as an Administrator.  By doing so, he has the distinction of pulling off the first triple play in the history of

If I’m not mistaken, he’s managed to get himself banned as a member, a Moderator, and as an Administrator.

Heck, that’s probably a first for the entire Internet on any forum!

But not only did he piss off George, the owner, enough to get banned, he also managed to get his name put on the naughty word list.  Type in his last name and all you get are a bunch of blanked out letters – ******** .

You can still use naughty four letter words in your posts, but you can’t use Lenny’s last name. That must be a first also!

In closing, let me be among the first to congratulate you, Lenny, on a job well done!

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