Waz up with scam.com?

Seems to be a lot of speculation of why scam.com won’t load. Of course, nobody in the know is saying anything. But there’s been a lot of ideas about what happened.

“The site appears to be hosted by a web hosting / collocation provider (rackco.com) and the adjacent IP addresses are reachable. Although a crashed host is possible, it’s equally likely (or even more so) that the system was shut down intentionally, either by the ISP for abuse or non-payment, or by the operator of the site.”

Makes sense. Scam.com is hosted on a dedicated IP address – . There are only 2 domains / websites with this IP:

1. mail.scam.com
2. http://www.scam.com

So they couldn’t have been blacklisted as the case may have been if they were using a shared IP address.

Which raises the interesting question then, waz up?

Back on June 19, I wrote about Lenny having the “Inverse Midas Touch” – everything he touches turns to shit instead of gold.

Looks like Lenny’s touch strikes again!

And I’ll hold that view until a more plausible explanation pops up.

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3 Responses to Waz up with scam.com?

  1. Emet says:

    How do we even know anyone else besides the owner even knows?

  2. James R says:

    I noticed the same thing. They are/were going nuts over the “trick” revelation I exposed.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Did you notice the explosion of crappy ads at the forum?

    I think Leonardo may have jumped into the sespool of the internet…all in an effort to be the supreme “MLM Watchdog” at SCAM.COM…of all places.

    At least I hope this is the case. For all we know, he could be pulling Toilet Cam watch duty for the boss and making ton of cash on the side editing clips.

  3. Who knows? No one that cares. Who cares? No one who knows about:


    Leave Len and LM to fight over what’s the best new MLM for scam.com to promote. Let George ignore the place while he cranks out spank fodder for people who can’t do better than porn yet still don’t know that you don’t need to pay for it.

    Folks, there’s no use in beating a dead horse (aside from the sheer joy of it) and scam.com is a corrupt, putrefying corpse. Move up and move on to RealScam.com.

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