Good News!

The url is now !

We are official!

“Thank you for a site where Lenny Clements cannot edit and delete posts and threads at will.”

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Waz up with

Seems to be a lot of speculation of why won’t load. Of course, nobody in the know is saying anything. But there’s been a lot of ideas about what happened.

“The site appears to be hosted by a web hosting / collocation provider ( and the adjacent IP addresses are reachable. Although a crashed host is possible, it’s equally likely (or even more so) that the system was shut down intentionally, either by the ISP for abuse or non-payment, or by the operator of the site.”

Makes sense. is hosted on a dedicated IP address – . There are only 2 domains / websites with this IP:


So they couldn’t have been blacklisted as the case may have been if they were using a shared IP address.

Which raises the interesting question then, waz up?

Back on June 19, I wrote about Lenny having the “Inverse Midas Touch” – everything he touches turns to shit instead of gold.

Looks like Lenny’s touch strikes again!

And I’ll hold that view until a more plausible explanation pops up.

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Len Clement’s View of the World

Hello all,

I’ve been a card carrying member of JREF (and CSICOP) for several years, but just wandered (slight pun indented) into this forum for the first time in search for discussions on this very topic – the Amega AMWand.

As a brief intro, I’ve been a consumer advocate, or “watchdog”, serving the direct sales industry since 1990. I am currently one of only seven “court certified” experts in the field of multilevel marketing and pyramid schemes (there is a distinction, but I will not digress). Inquiring minds may Google my company, MarketWave, Inc., if you want more details as to who I am and my agenda for being here…

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The Loyal and Ancient Order of the Keeper of the Ban Hammer

A brief explanation of the term “ban hammer” and a psycho analysis of the person holding the power.

“A “ban hammer” is an avatar depicting a club, used to threaten banishment by antisocial bullies who become moderators at forums & virtual communities. Its an offensive picture used to intimidate people, by nazi-like creeps at forums who become mods or admins because they have no creative abilities, friends or respect for others; so they lurk about bullying & abusing people as a way of feeling superior & powerful in the community (when clearly they are most inferior as evidenced by their lack of useful abilities to contribute with otherwise).”

NOTE: On the equivalent of the ban hammer is this friendly notice you get when you go to log on:

Or, if you really piss off the admin over there:

“As in life, the antisocial, mean & dumb are the ones who go about abusing & threatening people to inflict rules…rules being useless constraints picked arbitrarily, not so much for the purpose of prohibiting an unwanted behavior, but more as an excuse to commit abusive acts to show “who’s the boss of who”.

A “ban hammer” picture is designed to imply these bullies are to be feared. Bullies only know how to feel okay by making people scared of them. It gives them a weird dirty thrill. This is why they get excited by a picture of a hammer being used to violently destroy other people’s stuff. This is why they like & use the “ban hammer” avatar. —— Mods, banning, & report buttons are the things that ruin otherwise perfectly good fun, friends & being creative, at forums and virtual communities The ban hammer avatar symbolizes this kind of pointless interference and repression, which is valued only by bullies seeking excuses to exist.”

Ban Hammer

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Bat Shit Signal

Urban Dictionary word of the day for June 18, 2010.

Bat Shit Signal

“Like the Bat Signal, but used to summon someone crazy.”

Commonly used on Someone posts an anti-mlm comment and the Bat Shit Signal goes on, summoning Lenny to delete the post or ban the poster.

Also, occurs when Chris or Kerry posts something.

The Bat Shit Signal immediately goes on, alerting one or the other to hurry up and congratulate the other on what a wonderful and insightful post he just made.

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Total Clown Shit

I see James R started a thread over on entitled “Only a little over 100 viewing this forum?” .

“I can’t remember ever seeing that low in recent times.

The trick might be working to re-direct certain things, but it is also hiding this forum from people actually reading it.

I’m just sayin’…”

Father Evangelicus makes an interesting observation:

“So what gives here—?

Search test

Having carried out a search on Google and Yahoo,the results are a little strange.
Type in the word Scam,and this forum does not appear at all on the first 15 pages of Yahoo.(I didnt go further).
Type the same word in on Google and the forum appears on page 3.However the name is not mentioned in the entry text,only the server number
If you use the search term”” the forum appears AS the server number)!


Unless you are aware of this forum you certainly are unlikely to stumble upon it on a search engine,which surely leads to greatly reduced visitors to this website.

Well, that’s ONE of the reasons anyway.

Yes, that’s ONE of the reasons, Father.

Another reason might be that the Three Clowns are pretty much in charge of the circus over there. Chris And Kerry can push their pro-MLM agenda at will. Anyone that disagrees or call them on their clown shit can be pretty much assured of getting banned by Lenny or Lady Mod.

By way of example, take the Check Mark Logic thread Doyle started last week.

“A great checklist…..”

Followed up by:

“Here is an excellent pdf of a book called ”Mailbox Money”, explaining what Network Marketing is, and how it works. Its 64 pages, but large print and doesnt take very long to read.

A great explanation for people who dont know what the business is all about (a great read for you calvin )”

Notice the two links in his posts? Gee, I got banned just the other day for providing a link to the new web site !

So does Lenny chastise Chris or give him a warning for providing links to a pro-mlm site in his post? Naw, fat chance…

“I think a more appropriate direction for this thread might be a discussion as to the legality and legitimacy of this business model, not just a promotion of it. I’m not saying that’s what this thread is doing, but it does appear to be heading in that direction.

Although history and facts certainly favor the pro-argument regarding the MLM business model, those who are here that can defend it are far outnumbered.

Are you sure that’s a direction you want to go, Chris? If so I will support your efforts to what ever extent that I can. However, I would recommend that the thread be rebooted with a more general title like “Is MLM a Legitimate Business Model” or something to that effect.

Thanks for considering it.”


“Those who are here that can defend the MLM business model are far outnumbered”, you say, Clements?

Actually, those that are left there to call you, and Chris, and Kerry on your clown shit will soon find themselves banned is the truth.

But of course, truth is something you’ve always had a little trouble with, isn’t it Lenny?

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Having The “Inverse Midas Touch”

The humor at Urban Dictionary is generally pretty funny – (if not a little crude at times).

Take this June 7, 2010 Urban Word of the Day entry for example:

Inverse Midas

“The effect of turning everything into shit. The opposite of the Midas touch, where King Midas was said to turn everything he touched into gold.”

Gee! Now doesn’t that sound like somebody we know!

I’d say offhand that Lenny Clements possesses the “Inverse Midas Touch” in spades.

Everything the guy touches seems to turn to shit!

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