Bat Shit Signal

Urban Dictionary word of the day for June 18, 2010.

Bat Shit Signal

“Like the Bat Signal, but used to summon someone crazy.”

Commonly used on Someone posts an anti-mlm comment and the Bat Shit Signal goes on, summoning Lenny to delete the post or ban the poster.

Also, occurs when Chris or Kerry posts something.

The Bat Shit Signal immediately goes on, alerting one or the other to hurry up and congratulate the other on what a wonderful and insightful post he just made.

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1 Response to Bat Shit Signal

  1. Dog Nose says:

    Great post Doc! “Your” swell. “Noone” can post like you, Doc! Just saying, IMO. Says who?

    Bring back any memories? What’s sad is that it hasn’t changed. If you think it has, just check out one today: Pure genius.

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