When Is A Scam Not A Scam?

A bit of trivia here.

When we hear the word “scam” we generally think of a swindle or an attempt to defraud a person by first gaining their confidence.

After all, that’s what the site scam.com is all about, right? Exposing scams?

Funny thing is though, that’s not what the original site scam.com was all about. SCAM, as it turns out, is an acronym.

Founded in 1993 as the irreverent tabloid SCAM Magazine, SoCo Arts & Media (SCAM.COM) publishes trade paperback originals representing the breadth of talents now emanating from the SoCo literary scene.

Search the SCAM.COM archives for articles on Film, Music, Theater and Literature from the San Francisco Bay Area.

It never started out as a fraud reporting site!

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