Having The “Inverse Midas Touch”

The humor at Urban Dictionary is generally pretty funny – (if not a little crude at times).

Take this June 7, 2010 Urban Word of the Day entry for example:

Inverse Midas

“The effect of turning everything into shit. The opposite of the Midas touch, where King Midas was said to turn everything he touched into gold.”

Gee! Now doesn’t that sound like somebody we know!

I’d say offhand that Lenny Clements possesses the “Inverse Midas Touch” in spades.

Everything the guy touches seems to turn to shit!

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2 Responses to Having The “Inverse Midas Touch”

  1. LyricSoprano says:

    Scam.com has turned into a complete joke!

  2. Emet says:

    I prefer to refer to it as scum.com. But that’s just me.

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