Lenny Challenges JREF Members To A Debate!

So Lenny returns from a 9 day vacation in a small Indiana town with very limited internet access, all feisty and looking to pick a fight with anybody on the JREF board that will listen to him.

Last visit here, as we saw, the members were a little suspicious of Lenny and his intentions. Lenny ended up calling his new found friends “a bunch of pricks”, as you may recall.

Now Lenny’s back, and this time he’s pulling the old debate card out of his bag of tricks.

Post #764

I’ve been in a small Indiana town with very limited internet access for the past 9 days. Besides this disadvantage there are two other challenges I’ve had in responding to the prolific amount of commentary against me within this forum: 1) I’m one person trying to respond to the accusations and challenges of what appears to be about 8-9 posters here, at least three of which are obviously unemployed or retired affording them the opportunity to post all day and night, every day. And 2) Unlike those three, I have a life.

Having said that, I’m going to go ahead and make a challenge here that I’ve made to countless antagonist like you all over the past 20 years. It’s a challenge that, so far, has never been formally accepted. I challenge any of you to a live, recorded debate…

Surely there must be at least one among this entire board of devout skeptics and “critical thinkers” with such unconditional confidence in their position to accept my challenge.

Let the excuses begin…


Lenny should have known better. After all, this is the James Randi Educational Foundation forum – not scam.com where he can edit and delete posts.

Foolmewunz’s reply is a classic.

Post #902

So – the old “Debate Me” canard, eh Len? We’ve had Truthers who thought this was a good idea, (most of them can be located now in Foster’s Home For Imaginary Debaters) and they all seemed to have one thing in common with each other (and apparently you); they are Slicky Boys. Fast-talking, glib, experienced public speakers, etc… It doesn’t matter whether they have any actual facts. What use are facts in a debate where three out of your five points are all based on “Isn’t Len Trustworthy? Isn’t Len Swell. Why Don’t We All Work Harder to be More Like Len?” Those are all opinion pieces, Len. What are we gonna do? Stand there and repeatedly say, “Are not!”?

And, by the way, I’m a trainer and very adequate public speaker. And I’m a fast-talking New York Jewboy, so you set up the venue. Topic: Just How Successful and Swell Is Len, Anyway?

I will, of course, require full disclosure – including Powers of Attorney so that I can contact your bank and your accountant and financial advisor plus, naturally, all your teachers, doctors, co-workers, etc… throughout your entire life. I mean…. Swelldom is a lifelong thing, right? You don’t just attain swellness overnight. I should know, I took the Michael J. Fox Swelliness Awareness course to get this swell, so I’m definitely an authority on the subject. Why I’ve been asked to testify in several of the better known Swellitude investigations in Malaysia and Bhutan.

I mean, why clutter the discussions with all that crap about MLM? There are books written on the subject, dozens of books, pro-and-con. What are you going to settle in a six hour debate that hasn’t been covered in the hundred thousand pages that have been written on the subject? But a debate on your swellness (which seems to be your main concern) should be well worth it.

The Venerable Get A Life Fallacy. Some of us are actually retired, Len. Some of us aren’t. Some of us are students. Yet again, some of us are poor, but use the internet as a lifeline. Some of us are just plain frakkin’ rich from never having had our bank accounts sucked dry by some slick outta town gambler or MLM profiteer. And some of us have jobs where we can use the internet at work and don’t have to stop off at Ray’s Internet Cafe and Frog Gigging Center on Route 11.
Oh, and I’d match my life – quantity and quality – to yours any day. Drop in next time you’re in Hong Kong. Or have your girl call my girl. We’ll do lunch next time I’m on the coast, babe.

Some people just never learn.

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