And here’s George!

Anyone interested in what this George guy running looks like, well, here you go!!!

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4 Responses to And here’s George!

  1. dean says:

    That’s odd – I went to the guerillatraffic site – clicked on ‘sales reps’ – and it took me instead to the webmaster signup page. I’m guessing that someone realized that George’s been outed with all his contact details, and they removed or are working on that page, if that’s where the source of the screenshot was from?

    • docbunkum says:

      No, that screen shot was found on the, circa 2002 or so I believe. Search to find an old page then click on Sales Reps to pull up a bio on George.

  2. Dog Nose says:

    Dean, the contact was just changed from to Seems that George now has created yet another name for himself. Of course he isn’t intelligent enough to totally cover all of his websites such as The contact information there is

    He’s looking for:
    Legal Teens (18+)
    Older Women
    Big Beautiful Women
    Big Breasted Women
    Next-Door Types
    Bizarre/ Fetish

    Now I’ve seen pictures of Lady Mod and it’s possible she could pick up a few extra bucks should she apply for the Older Women, BBW or Next-Door Types. We all have a neighbor we hate.

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