Response to: For the record…

That RipOffReports is an odd site. There were a few replies to the rebuttal by the owner of Then they went missing. Now I checked and they’re back again.

RipOffReports claim: Wondering if a report is missing from this search? We DO NOT remove reports from our database.

Whatever. Now that those replies are back, I’m going to post them for others that might have trouble locating them.

What B.S.
the truth and only the truth – private (United States of America)
#2 Consumer Comment: POSTED: Friday, June 11, 2010

First off, people should know that George is not some nice guy trying to save consumers from anything. He has lots of porn sites on the internet. used to be a porn site! That’s credibility for you! He has even allowed NN (Naked News) to come to Scam and spam several forums daily with dozens of posts, for the last two weeks. Anything to make a buck.

He couldn’t care less about this site. He has deleted and removed many threads exposing scams with no explaination whatsoever, even when he was contacted by his Mods. Speaking of the Mods, he rarely responds to them. He is almost never at the site either. Recently, he allowed one of the biggest phoniest, scamming liars and frauds in the MLM industry to not only become a Mod on Scam, but he made him an Administrator! Thare was a long standing thread, actually two threads on the forum-one about this MLM rip-off phony MLMer and one about his latest scam MLM. He threatened George and George caved like the girl that he is. The thread about the scammer was deleted and the thread about his scam was locked. Since that time 4, count them 4 of the best Mods that Scam ever had, who moderated the MLM forum and had been there for years, all quit because of the Owner’s actions! Does he care? NO! Then the Owner banned two of them with NO explaination. He never even answered their PMs or emails either. Now the Scammer MLM Admin is destorying the forum, banning long time anti-MLM scam buster members and is removing posts on a daily basis, threatening members and deleting threads and George allows this. Several long time scam busting quality members have left the site, some rarely post and some have been banned without cause. Yet the new MLM scammer allows all the other pro MLM rip off posters to post and troll the forum at will.

That folks is the truth. The entire site is going down the toilet fast and the owner couldn’t care less. Long time great posters have even left the other forums on his site as well and the traffic is way down. It is no longer the the site it used to be (which was due to the Members and the great Mods and not the owner who was rarely there, to begin with). Don’t waste your time even going there.

More Truth and Facts
the truth and only the truth – private (United States of America)
#3 Consumer Comment: POSTED: Friday, June 11, 2010

“What is really hysterical, is that George, who uses the name Zachery on this site (((Redacted))), (he actually has more than one screen name on scam) came on the site today becuase so many long time posters are leaving and one of them started a thread there about quitting and other members agreed and have quit the site. Then George, aka Zachery comes on and claims (that is LIES) not to be the owner. ROTFL! Everyone who is a former or current Moderator and most long time posters knows the truth about George aka/Zach and the word is spreading all over the net on various sites and blogs and it’s also talked about in a thread about (((Redacted))) on the (((Redacted))) website. Look for the thread and read the comments from members and moderators who left the forum. The jig is finally up George/aka Zach. You should have stuck to porn!

(CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.)

Now to watch for other responses!

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1 Response to Response to: For the record…

  1. Lisa says:

    Hey… the “you should’ve stuck to porn” is my line! But it’s ok… it’s a good line. I don’t blame them for using it lol.

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