New Management at

Over at Quatloos! they’ve set aside a special section of the forum for general bitching and complaining – Flame Wars and other idiotic Urinary Contests .

Thing is, after a 100 posts, the threads auto delete. So if there’s something you want to save, it’s best to get it out of there.

This interesting observation by USANAWatchDog about recent happenings at is one that should be kept.

Just want to throw this out there:

Len Clements was the number one person complaining about the forum pulling up near the top of every search for an MLM company that included the word “Scam” with it.

I believe Len Clements threatened to sue the owner of (George Dranichak) and threatened to gather the backing of several MLM companies. I believe that a settlement was made and the deal was two things.

1) Len Clements be granted ADMIN status at the forum so no moderator could remove him.

2) The domain name “” be removed so it does not dominate the search engines when typing in a MLM company name followed by “scam”. This is why the IP address is all that is allowed now.

It has been Len’s mission to rid the internet of MLM critics and their opinions. What a better place to cleanse than, umm, I mean

IF my above two points above are not true, then I invite George Dranichak to this forum to explain what really happened.

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1 Response to New Management at

  1. Emet says:

    Tracy Coenen had this to say about Len Clements:
    “Poor Len. He lives in an alternate reality. What a shame he believes that not allowing him to dirty up my website is somehow a First Amendment issue. Someone ought to tell him that the First Amendment relates to the government allowing free speech.”

    Ironic, considering how many posts he’s deleted over at

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