Okay, I’m Pissed

Some of you may be following the happenings on scam.com.  As a regular contributor there myself, I’m not happy with some recent developments that have been going on.

The site scam.com is advertised as “a vibrant online community that exposes scams on the internet”.

In his infinite wisdom, the owner of scam.com recently made Len Clements the site administrator.  Go figure!  One of the most prolific MLM advocates on the planet, put in charge of a scam busting site.  Talk about the lunatics taking over the asylum!

But Lenny’s run into a little opposition there – from a long time mod that goes by the name of sojustask, or as she refers to herself, Lady Mod.

Thing is, Stephanie (her real name) has been there since almost Day 1 (02-23-2005) . She has her urine sprayed all around the site and she’s not taking kindly to anyone encroaching on her territory.

The current  “Does anyone care about Yoli?” thread is some of the funniest material around as the two go at it for bragging rites as to who runs the shop.

My bets are on Lady Mod to come out on top!  Lenny doesn’t have the cojones to go head to head with her.

Speaking of scam.com, that’s one topic I’m going to explore very soon.  The history of the site and who really owns it.  Stay tuned!

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1 Response to Okay, I’m Pissed

  1. Dog Nose says:

    Lenny can’t seem to grasp that he cannot keep that board under his total control. Although he is deleting and editing posts, it is currently totally off-topic and the main contributors of that happening are his two cult followers, Doyle and Ohein.

    Lenny said this when challenged: “I don’t try to be objective. It’s comes quite easily, actually. I’m sure my recusing myself from moderating this one thread, in this one forum, on this one board, will stop all of that from occurring all over the net.

    As soon as I do something that actually demonstrates a lack of objectivity, I’m sure you and others will let me know about it.

    So far, no one has pointed to even a single act that would suggest this to be true.


    Really, Len? Has he edited or deleted any posts from the other threads on the MLM board? I don’t see any. Has he merged any threads that are in the wrong forums? Not that I can see. He is concentrating only on the Yoli thread. That is Len’s “objectivity.”

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