Large and in Charge


I call myself the B.I.T.C.H. – that stands for Babe In Total Control Here.
Lady Mod

Ask the Moderators

Lenny should take note of that!

Today on


I know you “allowed it”. That obviously wasn’t my point. I’m still trying to figure out why someone came onto a message board called “” to get feedback about the taste of a company’s product.



Why not? If he thinks that he’s been told a lie about the taste and the product and that the false representation in turn makes the company a scam, this would be the perfect place to make that claim.
Lady Mod
And I’m obviously not removing threads in this section that don’t talk about why companies are scams, otherwise I would have removed this one! How can I “exercise restraint” any more than removing NONE!


Well, your post in question looked like you might be working up to deleting it.
Lady Mod
I’m sorry for the number of deleted posts, but I made it very clear that the discussion about whether or not I should moderate this thread was over. Those that had an opinion expressed it, and I responded. It is not even remotely relivant to the issue of whether Yoli is a scam.

So far, actually, nothing has been posted relivent to this topic.

This is Please state your case as to why you believe Yoli is a scam. Otherwise, why is this thread here?


Just a suggestion, stop responding to stupid questions and you wouldn’t have to keep making the warnings.
Lady Mod

It seems quite apparent who’s in charge over on

You rock, Lady Mod!

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1 Response to Large and in Charge

  1. Dog Nose says:

    Stephanie (Sojustask) is a real piece of work herself. Just don’t forget to address the ditch-sow as “Your majesty.”

    I found this particularly amusing: “How many times have you gone to the doctor’s office and seen fat nurses, orderlies, overweight doctor’s, or have known doctor’s that smoke?

    Shouldn’t the people who work in healthcare be “healthy” before they try to make anyone else healthy?

    Lady Mod”

    Interesting that Stephanie works in a clinic that has an MD and a chiropractor. She’s stating that people that work in this field should be healthy and not overweight. Perhaps Stephanie should practice what she preaches since she herself is hauling around approximately 50 or so extra pounds of lard on her not so svelte frame. She is an advocate of herbs and any alternative medicine, even recommending those “cure all cancer clinics” south of the border. Should you care to take a walk on the wild side of hypocrisy, visit her photos here: She’s the rather hefty middle aged “model” in the pictures.

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